Rain Or Shine, It’s Time To Dine!

Rain Or Shine, It’s Time To Dine!

Lindsey Harris, Administrative Assistant

Do you ever just want to go to a new restaurant for date night? Hang out with friends? Maybe even just because you’re tired of eating at the same place all the time? Here in Huntsville and Madison, we’re populating even more, and with that booming population, we need more restaurants. Now, this doesn’t mean just abandoning all the old ones but you could definitely try the new places out. We put together a list of new restaurants and tried them out.  


Coming in at Number One, we have Jonathan’s Grille. This restaurant is located in the Clift Farm development across from Target on Highway 72. It’s an upscale sports grille that offers a great variety of American food and a good environment for a date night or a catch-up night. 

How did Jonathan’s grille sprout up? 

It started in Nashville in 1999 and has about 8 other locations in the Nashville and Chattanooga areas. Though make it 10 seeing as how they have the spot in madison and a new one popping up elsewhere in Madison.  

What can you expect when you go there? 

They have choices that range from healthy to FUN! The managers are extremely friendly and so are their servers. One manager states “I’d be happy to help with any problems you have” For adults, they have a 21+ area that’s basically a bar area. Their TV’s are all on some sort of sports channel so the bar folk can enjoy a glass or two and some football. At the moment, because of how long it has been open, it’ll be very busy- but it’s definitely worth it. The only downside I’d say is that they don’t have a child’s menu.

They’re currently hiring in both locations and all you have to do is fill out an application via https://www.jonathansgrille.com/locations. Though be careful most of the time sports restaurants want 19+ to apply.


Coming in at Number Two, we have Slim Chickens. Where is this located? You guessed it! It’s also located in the Clift Farm development. A second location is soon to be open off Madison Blvd. Even though Madison has many different chicken places. I would say this has been one of the top ones I’ve tried.  This fast-food restaurant has been booming since it opened and brings the old southern hospitality to fast food. From the words of an employee “It may be very busy but the crew and I get along great and the food is outstanding” Slim Chickens has been open since 2003 in Arkansas and has over 100 locations in the U.S within 18 years.


What’s so different about Slim Chickens? Well for starters they have about 20 different sauces to choose from. And a personal favorite is the Honey bbq. The breading on their chicken isn’t so thick and it still has the same crunch everyone loves.  Wings and tenders aren’t the only things offered; they also have salads and desserts. The salads are what you’d typically expect, but the desserts aren’t. Slim Chickens offers a unique take on dessert jars, so if you love cheesecake and whipped cream, then this is definitely for you!  

Also, with a booming population, businesses everywhere need employees and with Slim Chickens you aren’t required to be 18, so head on over to their website https://slimchickens.com/jobs/ and apply! 



Coming in at Number Three, we have The Cheesecake Factory which is PERFECT for date night!’ This restaurant was founded in the 1940s in Detroit, Michigan in a basement that soon turned into a kitchen. The Cheesecake Factory started from everyone loving a little old lady’s recipe for an “original” cheesecake. In 1978 the first official factory opened, it now has over 200 businesses in the works with one of them being right here at home in the Bridge Street shopping centre. 


Now you’re probably wondering if this place only serves cheesecake. Well as great as that sounds, no they don’t! 

The menu here is full of wide varieties with about 250 items, some new and some old. One of the few many favorites is the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake which is a chocolate lover’s dream. This dessert will cure all of your sweet needs. You could have the fettuccini Alfredo needless to say who doesn’t love pasta?! There is Orange Chicken, which if you’re in the mood for Chinese and sweets then you have found the right place! In other words, the variety of foods at The Cheesecake Factory is astonishing and it is a great place to put on your bucket list if you want to try all of the cheesecakes.   

As well as other places struggling to gain employment The Cheesecake Factory is still hiring via https://www.cakecareers.com/main/ This would be a great experience to try for sure!



       Coming in at Number Four in the list of our new restaurants is Oscar Moon’s Milkshake Bar, located at the Stovehouse in Huntsville. Looking for a sweet place to hang out? This would be ideal to go to and hang out with friends to chill (pun intended) and even possibly family. 

         Oscar Moon’s milkshake bar is a vintage shake shop serving floats as well. Dairy sensitivity or nut allergen? They also have dairy-free options and nut-free options which is very considerate. The shop is themed as a throwback- complete with cushy stools and chairs, counters, and vintage nick-nacks. Also! If you’re feeling a bit dancy but don’t wanna dance, they have a disco ball and fun singalong music! If you have any questions, then feel free to ask them and they’ll gladly explain!

With many more places available in the area, these are just a few of the most recent additions! So whether you’re with friends, family, or even if it’s a date you have so many options and more!