Taylor’s Version Takes Over Social Media


Album cover of “Red” by Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version)

Alexa Bussell, Story Writer

On November 11, 2021, Taylor Swift released her album “Red” but the difference is that this particular album is owned by Taylor. This album has all of the original songs from her first release of the album in 2012, as well as other songs she wrote but wasn’t able to work into the album at that point in time. The songs that weren’t on the album are marked “From The Vault”. According to Taylor, “… in my mind there’s a metaphorical vault of songs that I loved…” (interview with Seth Meyers Nov. 12, 2021). In her interview with Seth Meyers she discusses that now that she had the chance of going back and re-recording her previous songs, she now has the opportunity to put out the songs she never got to in the past. Taylor Swift has been a part of the music industry for over a decade, now that she is older she has figured out that she can now re-record her old music and release it to where it is her own. Being able to own your own songs is rare in the music industry because they are typically sold to someone else. This album does have a diverse sound of genre. Even though the individual tracks represents different genres they all align to tell the same story. Some examples would be pop (22) and there are also country songs (Stay, Stay, Stay). Each song tells a story of the heartbreak of the love she finds throughout that time in her life. When you truly listen to the lyrics you’ll understand what Taylor is saying. Music is how some of us express ourselves and this album expressed how she felt in her early twenties back in 2012. While she revisited her past it provided her with a new perspective on everything that had happened and how she is so much happier now. They may bring back old feelings but it also show us how much of that we have learned to make out of it. Music is an amazing tool in learning to express ourselves and learning how to put our thoughts into the proper words. Taylor Swift’s expression of music is truly incredible and should be shared with everyone.