East Basketball


The East Limestone Indians basketball are starting to get back on their feet. WIth a few rough games starting off the season 0-3, but started playing like a team. They are starting to flip things around and now it’s 5-5 and looking to have a winning record by the end of the season. The Indians roster includes Brady Trenum, Kris McNeill, Kenneth Timmons, Jacob Eslick, Kenneth Figueroa, Jaylen Miles, Chandler Moore, Jordan Moore, Riley Groce, Zak Cain, Jeb Blanton, Hunter Wiggins. The leading scorers are Kenneth Timmons which his avg. is 17 points per game, Jacob Eslick which his average is 15 points per game, they are the leading scorers of the indians. 

The Varsity Girls basketball have had a slow start also, they are 5-4. Their highest scorers are Taylor Farrar she is averaging 14 points per game, Tyjah Duncan she is averaging 7 points per game, and Mya Thatch is averaging 6 points per game. The Varsity Girls are also looking to have a great season as well.

The JV boys basketball have also had a slow start, but they have got back on their feet and they have now won 5 games in a row. The top scorers on JV are Gunnar Lambruschi, who is averaging 10 points per game, Jayden Tran which he is averaging 9 points per game, and Dylan Breeding, he is averaging 11 points per game. They are 6-3, and looking forward to a great season.

Coach Matt said “Our goal is not to win, our goal is to play together and play hard. Then, winning takes care of itself.”