Celebrity Culture:A Modern Age Killer

Celebrity Culture:A Modern Age Killer

Ariana Fox, Editor

Have you heard of The Kardashians, Drake, Jennifer Aniston, J.Lo, Lebron James or DaBaby? Of course you have, because they’re some of the most influential celebrities on Earth.

With the rise of social media our society (joker moment) has seen a rise in unhealthy practices and habits surrounding celebrities and influencers.

A great example of the dangerous effects would be Travis Scott’s Astrofest. At  this festival 10 people lost their lives and hundreds more were injured. Now one may wonder how this relates to celebrity culture but this event was escalated by Travis and his fans. As people were passing out and pleading for help Travis continued his performance and encouraged the fans’ wild behavior. Travis is not only to blame the lives lost, his fans are also partially to blame. From people jumping the gates to attend the event to those hopping on the ambulances trying to get through the crowd. This event serves as a horrifying reminder of how fame hypnotizes both the celebrity and the fan.

Influencers have unescapable power over their supporters!

A CDC study found that teens who perceived themselves at extreme weights were over twice as likely to attempt suicide. This perception has been worsened with the modern age of photoshop and editing. In fact a study done by Mental Health Foundation showed that 1 in 8 adults in the UK have admitted they have suicidal thoughts about their body image. The idealistic image of a body portrayed by models, actors, and even artists can be extremely damaging to ones viewpoint. 

Social media, magazines, videos, and so much more are at the end of the day only a small portion of the influencer’s reality. It is only what they let you see. So remember even though you may not fit a certain standard they are constantly changing and many of these celebrities don’t fit the standards themselves. You are worth more than any media or person makes you feel.