New Growth On Our Vine

This year we have a record number of new students. Along with new students, we have some new administrators and teachers as well. Mrs.Gentry is a new science teacher. This is her first year teaching at East Limestone. We interviewed her so you can get to know her as well. 


Q: What made you want to teach? 

A: “When I started college I was actually pre med meaning I was gonna go into medical school but I decided that I was going to keep the same biology degree. I wanted to teach students to become scientists. I wanted more than to be a scientist myself, I wanted to raise up a new generation of scientists.” 


Q: Is East Limestone the first school you have taught at and if not what other schools have you taught? 

A: “No, I taught at Hewitt-Trussville High School in Birmingham first before moving here with my family” 


Q: How long have you been teaching? 

A: “One year.”


Q: What 3 words would your peers, administrators, or students use to describe you? 

A: “Tough, outspoken, and spunky.” 


Q: What are your interests or hobbies outside of school? 

A: “I like to do embroidery, I’m not very good at it but I like it.” 


Q:  What do you like most about teaching? 

A: “I like it when students have “aha” moments. When they really get down to it and they start to understand. I like those moments.” 


Q: What is the most challenging part of teaching? 

A: “The most challenging is probably just not having enough time in the day. It’s very difficult to set boundaries for myself and leave work at work.”