Sensory Room at Creekside Elementary school.

Chillin’ in the Sensory Room!

October 21, 2021

Over the last decade, we have seen a major turning point not only in East Limestone’s special education department, but also in special education departments around the country. A push for more inclusive and accessible learning tools has made things like the sensory room possible. Hopefully these inclusive decisions will not only help create a new, welcoming environment for students, but also begin to spark change across the nation.

Now you may be wondering, “What is a sensory room?” or “Why would someone need it”. Well a sensory room is essentially a place where the kids in the special education unit can relax and as Mrs. Persall states ,”take a break and play on the crash pad or sleep on the bean bag”. This break from the stressful thought of schoolwork and lessons can serve as a great boost of energy for the kids throughout the day.All of the staff agreed that a break is something all students deserve, regardless of age, grade, or disability. Mrs. Yoneka Pride, the head of the Autistic unit at East, stated that the sensory room has not only ,” improved the kids behavior, but their mood too”, she then goes on to say,” This has just been awesome…”. Overall we can say this was a major success for the students and faculty of East. The success doesn’t have to end here though, as East continues to grow we will get to watch our programs, new and old, bloom with opportunities!


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