The Town of Horrors – Doomsday


Calypso Humphrey, Photographer, article writer


Something we’ve all dreaded for it to come. But for a small town, that day came too soon.

In a small town, blocked off from the world by fences and wires. No one can get in and no one can get out. It was blocked off due to nuclear waste products. The people are strange. Their bloodlines are even stranger. Do you dare go inside and experience it for yourself? “The local newspapers have reported recent suspicious activity in the area – believing that the old Doomsday population has exploded, which has led to increased reports of missing persons from this area. Disturbing reports also warn of blood-curdling screams & other unsettling sounds echoing from this disturbed valley. Are YOU brave enough to join the Doomsday Investigation Team, and will you make it out alive to tell about it?”

Doomsday is a local outside haunted attraction run by Eric and Hannah Riley. Eric always had a love for haunted houses and worked for them, before he opened his own haunted attraction in Ardmore, TN. It boomed there for a while before he decided to move down here, opening the biggest outdoor haunt spot in Alabama. It starts at seven pm and opens with an eerie version of the national anthem before the customers are chased- with what, I’m not going to tell. 

“The attraction was pretty scary, 8/10, I would recommend it to people I hate.” Anthony Perales, “Make sure to bring goggles.” He says, “They serve nice ice cream.”