The 2021/2022 Cheerleading Program


All three teams worked together to perform for Meet The Indians.

Claire Curths

The 2021-2022 East Limestone Cheerleading program works to support and represent East limestone all year long. They support our players on Friday night games, during football season our teams work to support our football players and represent East Limestone. They convey their school spirit by interacting in spirit days at school, and cheering on our players on the field. Cheerleaders will continue to raise school spirit and interact with the crowd on game nights throughout the remaining season. Our cheerleaders will continue to cheer on our players following into basketball season. They interact with the crowd from the stands, and cheer with the other fans to support East Limestone’s basketball players.

Varsity head captain: Kennedy Freeman, coached by Krista Sizemore.

Junior Varsity Head captain: Sophia Padgett, coached by Lacy Williams

Middle School head captain: Josie Starnes, coached by Kristy Conlon