Bella’s Beats

Bella Winters is an 11 year old girl who is currently in the 6th grade. She was born with nine congenital heart defects which only affects about 1% of the population in the United states.

Despite all these challenges, Bella has had a very wonderful life.


Bella’s heart surgery was in April of 2021 after her potential heart fell through in February, The family packed their bags and headed north towards Nashville, Tennessee to go to Vanderbilt Hospital.

The heart surgery was 12 long hours with her family waiting anxiously for her to be done.


After going through her surgery, she was ready to go back to doing what she loved most as soon as possible.

after being released on the 12th of June, she was escorted to a homecoming lining up to her house filled with cars and people cheering her and supporting her as she arrived.


Bella has also recently gotten a dog, who is her absolute best friend! They named him Kylo, after Kylo Ren fromĀ Starwars.



She is now back in school working hard and hanging out with her friends. Even through hardships, she has worked hard to get where she is now and nothing is stopping her!